Advanced Indica Rice Transformation
Analysis of Experimental Data Using the SAS System
Basic Experimental Design and Data Analysis Using STAR
Basic Rice Production Course
Biometrics and Bioinformatics
Communication Skills Development
Creating Concept Notes
Ecological management of rodents, weeds, insects and birds in rice agro-ecosystems – biological and social dimensions
Experimental Designs and Data Analysis for Breeding Trials
Introduction to Bioinformatics Training Workshop
Introduction to Bioinformatics Training Workshop
Introduction to R: Data Manipulation and Statistical Analysis
IRRI 2013 Mentoring Program
IRRI Radiation Safety Course for Sealed Sources Users
Language and Communication
Management/Leadership Course
Molecular Breeding Course
Occupational Health and Safety
Organization Orientation
Other Technical Courses
Personal Development
Pests Training Course
Plant Breeding
RDM 101: Research Data Management
RDM 201: Advanced SQL
Regional Training Course on Phenotyping for Abiotic Stresses, GxE testing, Seed Storage, and Farmer Participation
Report Writing and Presentation Skills
Research Data Management
Rice Breeding Course
Rice: Post-production to Market
Rice Production
Rice Production Techniques for Research Technicians
Rice Production Techniques for Young Researchers (targeted for African participants)
Rice: Research to Production
Scientific Writing Workshop
Season-long Rice Farming
SNP Data Analysis
Training Workshop on Rice Technology Transfer Systems in Asia
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