Scientific Writing Workshop


A scientist’s responsibility does not end when they have completed their laboratory or field investigations. They must communicate their results to the scientific community, donor organizations, policy makers and potential users of the knowledge generated. Only then can the scientist claim to have made a real contribution to the existing body of knowledge. This 5-day workshop is for researchers and scientists who need to communicate their research findings through scientific writing. Participants of this workshop are those who have analyzed data/findings or an early draft of their manuscript which they can work on to write/revise their own scientific paper. The workshop is a combination of the presentation of guidelines in scientific writing and engaging the participants in peer-reviewing and providing feedback before they are able to write and/or revise their own manuscript.


This workshop will enable participants to:
  • Learn the basic guidelines in writing a scientific paper;
  • Engage in peer-reviewing and providing feedback to fellow participants; and
  • Write and/or revise their scientific paper.

Enhanced lectures and discussions, individual presentations, peer review and feedback are the predominant training methods in this workshop. Participants in this workshop will go through the process of organizing and writing a scientific paper. The highlight of the workshop is for participants to prepare a working draft of their own scientific paper at the end of the workshop.

  • What makes a good title?
  • Writing the introduction
  • Writing the materials and methods
  • Presenting the results and discussion
  • Making conclusions
  • Preparing references
  • Writing the abstract
  • Peer review and feedback
  • Writing and/or revising the scientific paper

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