Design and Analysis of Breeding Trials

The course is designed to acquaint plant breeders with the different designs used in breeding trials, analysis of single and multi-environment trials, and the use of biplots in explaining GxE. It also introduces PBTools, a user-friendly software that uses GUI created in Java and functions developed in R to assist plant breeders in the design and analysis of data. It employs a combination of lecture, group exercises, and hands-on exercises using PBTools.

  • Describe the three essential components of an experimental design and explain the importance of each component. 
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of using the different experimental designs used in variety trials. 
  • Generate randomization and electronic field book using PBTools. 
  • Demonstrate how to analyze single and multi-environment trials using PBTools. Introduce the use of biplots in multi-environment trials 
  • Experimental designs used in breeding trials 
  • Analysis of single environment trials
  • Analysis of multi-environment trials 
  • Introduction to biplots 

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