Basic Scientific Writing Course


The responsibility of a scientist does not end when their laboratory or field investigations are complete. They must also communicate their results to the scientific community, donor organizations, policy makers, and potential users of the knowledge generated. Only then can the scientist claim to have made a real contribution to the existing body of scientific knowledge.

Looks aren’t everything. But, if information is communicated in a way that captures and holds the reader’s interest, it has a greater chance of reaching its audience. Scientists must have the relevant skills that enable them to make effective written presentations that communicate information clearly and concisely.

This five-day course in scientific writing is intended to help scientists and researchers develop their skills in written communication and make them more effective in sharing their knowledge of science in the future.


At the end of the course, the participants will have developed their skills in:
  • organizing a scientific paper;
  • preparing each part of the paper to communicate scientific information effectively.


Enhanced lectures, discussions, followed by workshops and practice exercises, are the predominant training methods in this course. Participants in this course will go through the process of organizing and writing a scientific paper.

  • The basics of science communication
  • Scientific writing requirements
  • Outlining the scientific paper
  • Preparing abstracts
  • Exercises on abstract preparation
  • Writing the introduction and materials and methods
  • Presenting results: text, tables, and figures
  • Writing the discussion and conclusions
  • Preparing references
  • Putting it all together for sending to journals

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