Rice: Post-production to Market


Preventable post-production losses deprive farmers and other chain actors of food security and income. Post-harvest losses, in SE Asia for example, typically range from 15-25% in weight with additional losses of 10-30% from reduction of quality. Post-harvest management offers significant potential to increase food security and generate greater incomes.

Rice: Post-production to Market introduces participants from all sectors, including research, extension, NGOs and private sector representatives, to critical issues and challenges in reducing post-production losses. This includes: 1) being able to identify and measure losses at all points in the post-production chain, from harvest to market; 2) evaluating technology options for harvesting, threshing, drying, storage, and milling of paddy; 3) learning how to use methodologies and tools to assess local post-harvest chains, mapping actors, and use of a business plan for introducing or scaling out suitable technology options.

Rice: post-production to market will provide the knowledge and skills to help post-production actors reduce these losses and increase value from a rice crop. Participants will leave the course qualified to evaluate and introduce improved technologies to farmers and other actors for better post-production management.


The participants will gain knowledge and skills in the design and management of post-production processes. Successful candidates will be awarded the IRRI Accredited Post-harvest Trainer which qualifies them in:
  • Practical post-production skills.
  • Use of the IRRI Quality kit for assessing the quality of paddy, milled rice & seeds.
  • Understanding and assessment of rice markets and rice quality standards.
  • An overview of suitable technologies at IRRI in-country for post-production.
  • Developing a project design and implementing a business plan involving multiple ‘actors’ in the post-production area.
  • Familiarity with post-harvest knowledge sources.

A maximum of 25 participants will be representatives of national agricultural systems, NGOs and the private sector. The persons selected will be involved in post-production activity and will have the potential to provide leadership in developing and improving post-production activity in their work.


October 28 - November 8, 2013
International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines


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