IRRI Radiation Safety Course for Sealed Sources Users


All prospective 2013 users of radioactive materials and handlers/users of equipment are required by Philippine Law to complete the basic radiation safety course in accordance with the Code of Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) Regulations. IRRI offers a new and customized half-day Radiation Safety Course for Sealed Sources Users that is uniquely designed and organized for a research organization. The course outline and training materials have been reviewed and evaluated by PNRI and were found to be comprehensive and appropriate training for sealed sources users in agricultural research.

A balance between lecture and hands-on laboratory exercises awaits the participants. Essential elements of the IRRI’s Radiation Safety Program  such as policies and procedures and maintaining all exposures at levels "As Low As Reasonably Achievable" (ALARA) will also be covered in this course to assist all radiation users meet their safety responsibilities while utilizing the unique advantages of radiation sources.

If you wish to be included as authorized users in IRRI Radioactive Material License, you must attend this course. Previously authorized Principal Investigators (PI or IRS-in-charge) and users may also attend this half-day RSC as refresher training. This training will be tied up to the license renewal process for 2013.

  • Basics of Radiation and Radioactivity  
  • Basic Radiation Safety principles
  • Sealed Source Use at IRRI
  • Authorized Users of Sealed Sources
  • Safe Use of Sealed Sources
  • PNRI Sealed Sources Rules
  • Leak Testing and Inventory
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Demo and Hands-on Training on the Use of Survey Meter and Leak Testing

The training will use various approaches: interactive lectures, group learning exercises, laboratory visits and hands-on exercises, and video showing.


The training will be conducted in Analytical Service Laboratory Conference Room and the GC Room-KHemmi Lab.


Lilia “Lily” Revilla-Molina

Resource Person/Course Coordinator
Manager , Analytical Service Laboratory
Grain Quality and Nutrition Center

International Rice Research Institute
DAPO Box 7777, Metro Manila, Philippines
Fax: (63- 2) 891-1292; 580 5699
Phone: (63- 2) 845-0563; 580 5600 ext