Analysis of Experimental Data Using the SAS System

This course is designed for Agricultural researchers who are interested in using The SAS System in the analyses of their experimental data.  The SAS system is an integrated set of modules for manipulating, analyzing, and presenting data. The course will focus on creating SAS jobs using two SAS steps: (1) DATA steps to prepare SAS data sets, and (2) PROCedure steps to analyze or process SAS data. It consists of lectures and hands-on practical exercises. 

  • Basic concepts in SAS Programming
  • Reading and processing raw data files
  • Using SAS Procedures
  • Manipulating SAS Data sets
  • Missing values in SAS jobs
  • Computing descriptive statistics
  • Analysis of Variance with SAS
  • Regression and Correlation Analysis with SAS
  • Introduction to SAS Macros
  • Using the Output Delivery System
To be able to attend this course, intended participants should be familiar with basic statistical methods, including hypothesis testing and analysis of variance or have attended the Basic Experimental Designs and Data Analysis course. They should also be computer proficient, familiar with the Windows environment, and have used at least one statistical software.  Participants should also have access to licensed SAS software after the course.


International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines


Ms. Violeta Bartolome

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Biometrics and Breeding Informatics
Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biotechnology

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