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How to Apply (Degree Program)


IRRI will only accept a scholar if their research area is consistent with IRRI’s research agenda and the expertise is available to effectively supervise the scholar.

Where possible, the young scientist will be enrolled at a university in their own country with thesis supervision by the university and an IRRI scientist being a potential co-supervisor. Here, the degree may be split with time in-country and at IRRI. The time spread will depend on the research topic.

Due to the nature of the research or as appropriate, a different country university may be nominated for enrolment. This may draw on the global network of IRRI research partner laboratories.


To discuss degree candidates, contact:

Office of Scholars Affairs
IRRI Education
International Rice Research Institute
DAPO Box 7777
Metro Manila, Philippines
FAX: (63-2) 580-5699; (63-2) 891-1292; (63-2) 845-0606

Mark correspondence as “Attention Office of Scholars Affairs”